Medieval Collbató

Guided tours on the third Saturday of the month

Collbató dates back over a thousand years as a settlement, to the time when this region was on the boundary of the Catalan counties. Its privileged location shaped the character of the village, on the foot slopes of Montserrat, at the top a hill standing on two routes: the royal road to Barcelona and the former road to Vallès, which met at what is now the church square. A number of different factors combined to make Collbató a village of farmers and carters, who would carry people and goods up to the Montserrat Monastery.

By the 19th century Collbató had already become a summer holiday destination for the bourgeois class of Barcelona, visited by such illustrious figures as Amadeu Vives, Elies Rogent and Pau Bertran i Bros. Together with the growing popularity of the caves, this made Collbató a firm fixture on the tourism map.


Para conocer de primera mano el núcleo medieval de Collbató, os proponemos:

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